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Making Sport of Your Mind

In the blasted, post-modern hellscape that is the western world, conservatives have begun to band together and accurately identify those elements within society which have led us to the devastation that we now suffer.  Words such as feminism, socialism, communism, Islam, globalism, illuminism, and luciferianism are bandied around, but most who use them have little understanding of where these ideologies originally came from, or what kind of people adhere to them.  Today, I want to concentrate more on the latter point.  After all, the first rule of warfare is to know thy enemy.


True Creativity

In this life, there are only two kinds of people; the creative, and the destructive.  Now, when I say creative, I am not talking about creativity in the way that liberals do, such as useless abstract artists.  Instead, I refer to those who create more than they destroy, whether that be generating physical resources, building infrastructure, reducing suffering, raising children, or adding to the body of human knowledge.

Many of you will be quick to say that we all destroy to some degree, and you would be correct.  The useful, productive person must necessarily consume resources to support themself.  The constructive teacher must necessarily destroy those ideas which are in error.  But this is not the kind of destructiveness I am talking about.  I refer to those people for whom their very way of life requires the plundering of themselves, their family, their friends, and their very civilization.

The good life

What does the life of a creative person look like?  The creative person adds to their self, their family, and their society.  Maybe they build houses for other people to live in.  Maybe they grow food to nourish their customers.  Perhaps they become a healer and spend their days reducing suffering within their community.  But this is not merely vocational.  The creative person leaves their property more valuable than when they bought it.  The creative individual has children to repopulate their nation and carry on their line, and they set aside funds for the purpose of educating those children.  The creative person rejects destructive practices, such as national debts and fractional reserve lending, which will result in their children inheriting a world that is less prosperous than that enjoyed by their parents.  The very idea of worsening another person’s life to feed their own is repulsive to the creative individual, and they will naturally avoid doing so.  All of their choices will proceed from this basic principle.


Know Thy Enemy

The life of a destructive person is, of course, the opposite.  However, the depths a destructive person will sink to are often more dramatic than the heights a creative person may ascend to.  The destructive individual will take their resources from their neighbor by force, either through their own agency or through a paid proxy, such as the state.  The destructive person will indulge in degenerate sexual practices rather than getting married and having children.  They will consume the world they live in now, and enslave their children (if they bothered to have any) and the children of others in order to fund massive social welfare programs.

Wherein lies the difference between creative and destructive people?  The separation is of character.  Now, we can explore how character is formed, but let’s save that for another day.  Instead, I’d like to explore a certain behavior exhibited by destructive people that I find is very poorly understood among the majority of the population.  Let’s call it “making sport of the mind.”

Both creative and destructive people are ruled by the same principles of learning and behavior.  Both do that which is reinforcing, and avoid that which is punishing.  Both strengthen those dopamine pathways within the brain that are excited through their actions and experiences.  It is the nature of living creatures that they will do more of that which reinforced them in the past.  Thus, we may expect a creative person who spends their life improving their world to continue to do so in an ever increasing way.  These people build their lives upon the foundations of their ethics and morals.  But the destructive person as no such guide.  The destructive person simply does what feeds their ambitions and their appetites to the detriment of those around them, and their greatest moral principle is “might makes right.”

The depths a destructive person may fall to may seem at first to be limitless, but I think I have found the bottom.  You see, a destructive person may begin with petty crimes or venomous behavior, but as they mature their lifestyle will evolve.  They may turn to the state, for example, to defraud others on an industrial scale.  But those for whom violence is the drug of choice are far more interesting.

What better example of a violent, destructive person do we have but that of a sexual serial killer?  Despite the media fascination with serial killers, few among the population know much about them.  Within forensic psychology, it is well understood that there is a progression to serial murder.  One does not simply wake up one day and decide to slaughter prostitutes.   No, such things begin, as they always do, in childhood.

Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now, you fucking stupid bastard!

Hey Paul!

Practically all serial killers are psychopaths, and they are born with dysfunction in their prefrontal cortex and amygdala.  For the layman, that means that they have difficulty with empathy, impulse control, and planning.  Moreover, because of the amygdaloid dysfunction, their emotions tend to be shallow and short-lived.  During childhood, psychopaths tend to exhibit certain behaviors, such as bed wetting, fire starting, and cruelty toward animals.  This represents the beginning of the psychopath’s evolution.  Those who eventually turn to serial murder begin as voyeurs.  Once their minds have been desensitized and that is no longer satisfying, budding serial killers break into the homes of women and steal underwear.  It is not long before that, too, is no longer exciting, and so they graduate to rape.  While many do not progress beyond this point, some, after a time, no longer find rape to be satisfying enough, and progress to murdering their victims at the conclusion of the act.

There exists one final step to the serial killer progression.  After a time, some serial killers become insensate to even rape and murder.  Indeed, each act in each step in the progression is slightly less satisfying compared to the one that preceded it.  The final step is cannibalism, often of the sexual organs.

Why am I talking about rape, murder, and cannibalism?  I want you, the reader, to understand something of the mind of those who choose a destructive lifestyle, and the ultimate expression of that lifestyle in the very worst cases.  

Looking at serial killers purely as a matter of biochemistry, we would think that they would gravitate toward narcotic use more than sexual crime.  Certainly, psychopaths in general and serial killers in particular have been known to indulge in narcotic use, and looking at matters purely in terms of neuroscience, nothing is more addictive than drugs.  However, sexual crime possesses something that is absent from other addictions, such as narcotics: Dominance.

You see, the destructive person will always seek to personally dominate.  On a practical level, that dominance serves to ensure their resource provision.  But it also serves a deeper psychological appetite.  Destructive people wish to prove themselves better, stronger, smarter, and ultimately more worthy than their victims.  They dehumanize those they exploit, both to facilitate that exploitation and also to elevate themselves to the self-perceived state of a demigod.  One of the most effective means of doing that on a personal level is through sadomasochistic rape and murder.  They wish to not only leave their mark on the minds of others, but to control, shape, and destroy their victims from the inside out.  The reason rape is such a destructive crime is because it leaves victims psychologically traumatized for the rest of their lives, should they survive.  The perpetrator personally owns them forever.  But there is one group for whom not even this is enough.


The Ultimate Expression of Evil

If you have ever taken a class in the philosophy of ethics and morals you have probably been challenged by a number of common hypothetical scenarios.  One that is especially common goes something like this:

You and your child are being held, along with a number of other people, in a concentration camp.  One day you, your child, and a hundred other prisoners are ordered out into the camp compound.  To your dismay, one of the prison guards pulls you and your child out of the crowd.  The guard forces your child to stand upon a box, and proceeds to put a noose around their neck.  The guard then turns to you and orders you to kick the box out from under your child’s feet so that the noose may strangle them.  If you refuse, the guard will kill the hundred other people, but if you obey, the guard promises to spare them.  What do you do?

To kick, or not to kick?

This sounds like a simple scenario, but there is, in fact, a very deep game being played here.  The intended victim of this game is you.  The intended destruction is not of your child or the other prisoners, but rather of your own personality.  You may choose to kill your child and spare the prisoners, but that will drive you mad from grief and guilt.  You may choose to not cooperate, but then the guard will kill the other prisoners and probably your child, too, also filling you with grief and guilt.  Both choices are fatal for the personality of the individual.  Indeed, it is likely that anyone forced to make such a choice would loath themselves so much afterward that they would eventually take their own life, and that is precisely the point.  To the destructive person, bloodshed is exciting, but the ultimate expression of personal supremacy, dominance, and ownership is to cause another person to voluntarily destroy their own life.


Feminism, Marxism, and Globalism, Oh My!

What does this have to do with the post-modern world?  Today we are surrounded by any number of self-destructive ideologies.  Feminism pretends to be about improving the lives of women, but it is ultimately self-destructive.  It teaches them to have empty, soul-destroying sex, to avoid getting married and bearing children, to hate their fathers, their brothers, and their husbands (if they even have one), and to push a civilization-ending Marxist political ideology.  Feminism is the single most destructive thing ever to happen to women in the entire history of the west, but it is only through the voluntary compliance of its adherents that it is able to do so.  Those who created and unleashed feminism upon the west are laughing uproariously, congratulating themselves that they have so completely caused women to self-destruct, and relishing the destruction they have heaped upon men and children as a consequence.  They believe that there can be no greater proof of their own personal supremacy and worthiness than that they have so completely manipulated such a large group of people into self-destruction.

The bird cage hat, Luciferian symbol of mind control

Feminism is hardly alone.  Globalism has been pushed upon the west in much the same manner.  Through the power of peer pressure and circle-jerking, self-congratulatory vanity, Europeans, Canadians, and Americans have been seduced into opening up their countries to a foreign ideology that has been dedicated to their complete and utter destruction for 13 centuries.  But none of this would have ever happened if native populations had not voluntarily complied.  Again, the globalists are laughing.

But wait, there’s more!  Idiots across the world have been bullied into vaccinating their children with devastating, body destroying heavy metals and consuming genetically corrupted crops that have been poisoned with pesticides and herbicides.  Toxicity-related illnesses such as cancer, autism, and auto-immune disease have skyrocketed, and toxic exposure is now the primary cause of illness in the west (not that mainstream physicians will ever admit it).  The American population is in such poor health that most millenials are infertile and sperm counts are down 90% since the 1960s.  Of course, few have realized this as of yet because feminism has so thoroughly brainwashed people in their 20s into not having kids at all.  The power elite is laughing at you.

Wake up and smell the madness!  Murderers rule over you and are doing their very best to kill you and everyone you love for the sheer excitement if it.  They are doing it through your food, your water, even the very air your breathe.  They foist toxic ideologies upon you that preach self-destruction, and coerce you into bringing criminals who wish your deaths into your communities.  But understand that they could have achieved none of this without your consent.  You, yourself are the author of your own destruction.  There will always be evil people in the world who get thrills from snuffing out life, but we do not need to cooperate with them.  Do your research, know your enemy, turn your back on them, cleanse their corruption from society, and go create something useful.  Your very life depends on it.